How to reach wamo customer support services?

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.By Laine Redpath
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In the finance sector, including all the neobanks, challengers and service providers – there is one aspect that time and again rises to the surface as being the financial service feature that people either celebrate or complain about the most: customer service. Human relationships matter to us more than anything else. If we have a problem, we want to be able to speak to someone who can help us, reassure, or even just listen to us. That is how we’re wired. For all the advances in technology, the slickness in automation, the convenience in smart AI and always-on culture, a sense of alienation is developing between many industries/services and their customers, because too often there is nobody ‘real’ at the other end of the line. Has our desire for convenience and instant gratification been winning out over our need for connection? In many ways it appears that way. But when things start to go wrong, when a helping hand is needed, or when someone needs to take responsibility – that’s when we ‘just want to speak to a human being, please!’

wamo advantages

One of our core values is to put human connection back at the centre of business. We started as a small business and we’ve been through all the growing pains. We know what it feels like to be you, to vacillate over the pros and cons, to take the plunge, to put trust in other businesses, services and the individuals who run and work in them, and hope for the best. wamo’s help centre is a team of real people who take ownership of this vision of building a relationship with every customer that comes ‘through the door’. By understanding your business, we can understand and respond to your needs. wamo support is there from the beginning when you register your account and with you every step of the way. Our emails aren’t ‘no-reply’ emails, when you respond to a wamo email, it’s picked up by our customer journey team and a team member will get back to you. On our website, the chat bot that’s in place serves only to triage your query to ensure that you are immediately put in touch with the right flesh and blood person.

At this stage wamo customers are business owners of 89 different nationalities in over 31 countries around the world and we work hard to make sure that wherever you are and however big or small your business, we still feel like your friendly local branch.

wamo user reviews

While we can’t deny there have been hiccups long the way, as every growing business has, and there are regulatory obstacles that can sometimes lead to frustration, the many positive reviews we receive almost always include feedback around customer service, and that continually motivates us to focus on the human beings that make up the businesses we serve.

“I’m very happy with wamo support. And the way they follow up transactions make me feel very secure.”

“Banks, even so called FinTech financial platforms refused me just because they are not dealing with certain EU countries. It's almost unbelievable. wamo did, what it promised. It opened up a business account. Even when they asked questions they reacted very very FAST! Even in the comment section, you can see they are replying fast and actually answering questions.”

“The wamo team is very responsive and always ready to assist and guide you when required.”

“Opening an account with wamo was really easy and amazing. They contacted me the same day and helped me complete onboarding with them. My account was Live the same day, in facts it took only few hours.”

“Great customer service. Once I have an issue, they respond quickly.”

How can you reach wamo customer support?

The wamo help centre can be reached by emailing and wamo customer support is most easily accessed by going to the website and tapping on wamo live chat (the blue chat button in the bottom right corner). wamo help will be with you in under 3 minutes. If you receive any emails from the marketing team at wamo - from wamo help or from wamo customer support - you can make contact with a real live human simply by responding to the email and asking for a team member to get in touch. If you feel happy sending your phone number, a team member will be on the phone right away.

If you are looking for your first business account or are looking to switch from your current business account and value having personalised support as you grow your business, take a look at wamo. It’s possible to register for a wamo account in 10 minutes and once your account is approved you are able to start making and taking payments right away. If you would like to know more about how wamo can help your business be the best it can be, well… get in touch! We are here to talk.


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