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There are so many aspects to running a business and every decision you make ultimately affects how much money and time you spend or save on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Right? Everything adds up. From how you go about registering your business and which markets you choose to be in, to whether you create an online presence and how much money you spend on marketing, and, of course, to which business account you choose to use. At this time of year and with businesses and individuals everywhere feeling the pinch more than ever, the pressure is on to get things right from the start. Which is what our wamo perks set out to help with.

wamo has partnered with leading providers to offer discounts on useful business tools that can save time and money, and they are continuously adding new partnerships.

We’ve chosen partners from leading providers of all of the most useful business tools to bring you rewards and discounts that can make an actual difference to the time and money you spend on running your business. We’re adding new partnerships and affiliations all the time. But, for now, here are three real treats to get hold of - if you celebrate Christmas, think of them as a wish list from your business to Santa!

Location, location, location… with

First things first, your domain is the online equivalent of your business address and we all know how much location matters! Just like a regular shop or office address, you want it to be easy to find, to stand out and to be in a place where lots of people might discover it by chance. provides:

  • affordable domain names. A domain name is the unique name that you see after the @sign in an email address or after www in a web address (URL). and
  • web hosting. A web host is an online service provider that lets you publish a website or web app on the internet.
  • email. Allows you to create unique email addresses for your business and team.
  • SSL certificates. Not certificates but small data files that create an encrypted link between a web server (where you are) and a browser (where your customer is) to ensure everyone’s privacy is respected.
  • web design, and online marketing services. We all know what this means which shows how important it is! This is the way to get recognised and to build loyalty as a business’s offer also includes free URL forwarding, email forwarding, transfer lock, and total DNS (Domain Name System) management. is first on the list because this is an important first step in setting up your business in today’s online, always-on world.

Wamo perk? Get a free business domain when you purchase a 1-year hosting plan.

Organised to death (but in a good way!) with Hubspot

The key to a smoothly running business is no big secret or surprise: being organised. Getting as much of your customer communication automated as you possibly can while maintaining the personal touch is the sweet spot for good business and Hubspot makes it easy. But that’s not all it does, not by a long way.

What is Hubspot?

“HubSpot is a CRM platform that connects everything scaling companies need to deliver a best-in-class customer experience into one place. Our… solution helps teams grow with tools that are powerful alone, but better together.”

(What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management)

Think of hubspot as a combined sales, marketing and service platform that can help your company to attract and manage customers while also providing you with customer insights and data that can help you to make sure your business is meeting and anticipating your customers needs as best you can.

Hubspot’s Starter CRM Suite is a great place to, well, start! Wamo perk? HubSpot Starter CRM Suite for $50/month instead of $225

The suite comes with 3 hubs, each providing you with tools that make different aspects of running your business easier, faster and smarter.

Marketing Hub:Using the marketing hub you can link your analytics, product and marketing tools to get the full picture of your customer acquisition journey. This will help you make informed decisions about how to find leads, drive conversions through tweaking your landing pages accordingly and to make sure you are addressing potential customer queries and concerns through your marketing campaigns.

You’ll also get automatically generated reports and analytics to further inform your marketing strategy.

Sales Hub:You’ll be amazed at how much time you’re able to save by making use of these sales tools. They’ll help you get  deeper insights into your prospective customers, automate the tasks you hate, and close more deals faster. What’s not to love?

CMS (Customer Management System) Hub:Don’t have a website, or is the one you have not working as hard for you as it could be? Use the CRM hub to build a website that's flexible for your marketing team, powerful for your developers, and gives your customers a personalised, secure experience.

Make it beautiful with Canva

Canva is a miracle-worker, turning even the least creative among us into a design genius. Every business needs to have its best face on at all times - and that means having a consistent brand look and feel that your customers come to love and recognise wherever they see it. Whether you’re designing business cards, flyers, social media ads, email journeys, printable ads (for anything from postcards to billboards) or video content - you can do it on Canva, easily and beautifully. We promise, you really can.

Your subscription to Canva means you benefit from thousands of professional templates, images, and quality content available at a few tap and drags with no design knowledge required. Bye-bye Photoshop and Illustrator, hello Canva.

Wamo perk? Give Canva Pro a try, for free. Unlock additional graphics, templates and features with a Canva Pro subscription - free for 30 days.

We will only bring you discounts and rewards that we know from our own and our customers’ experience will make a real difference to your business, by saving you either time, money or both. To see our full range of rewards visit the website and keep checking back for more!

Our biggest perk of all is that we are committed to supporting you in your business by providing you with person-to-person customer service. That means we get to understand you and your business needs so that we can help you thrive. To speak to a team member about these offers or anything else use the chat box in the bottom right corner or email us at Enjoy your perks!


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