Ad Payment Refunds and Unlimited Virtual Cards: A Game-Changer for Agencies

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.By İlayda Birol
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In the world of digital marketing, managing clients accounts efficiently can be the difference between success and stagnation. wamo is here to transform how digital marketing agencies handle the ads accounts finances with an unbeatable offer that caters specifically to their unique needs.

Special Offer for Digital Marketing Agencies

wamo's special offer and product is designed to streamline your agency's financial management and supercharge your advertising efforts:

  • Unlimited Virtual Debit Cards: Create as many virtual cards as you need for each client and ad account, providing unparalleled control over your budgets and expenditures.
  • 1% Refund on Ad Spendings: With the Scale Annual Plan, enjoy a 1% refund on all your advertising spend, enhancing your budgeting efficiency and ROI.
  • 1-Month Free Trial: Experience the full suite of wamo's business account features at no cost, designed specifically for the needs of digital marketing agencies.
  • 20% Off Scale Annual Plan: Save significantly on your subscription by choosing the Scale Annual Plan, tailored to maximize benefits for marketing agencies.
The business account for digital marketing agencies | wamo
With wamo, enjoy unlimited virtual cards, secure a 1% refund on your ad spend, and have an account designed for needs of digital marketing agencies.

How to Leverage wamo’s Offers

Taking advantage of these offers is straightforward:

Sign Up for a wamo Business Account: Have an active wamo business account by signing up on our website or through our app. Provide the necessary details to open your business account and choose Scale Annual Free Trial to enjoy your offer. Start here.

Enjoy Your Free Trial: Dive into the range of benefits tailored for digital marketing agencies at no cost during your free trial period.

Select the Scale Annual Plan: Choose Scale Annual Plan to continue enjoying a 1% refund on all your ad expenditures and the ability to create unlimited virtual cards among other agency-focused advantages.

Start Creating Your Virtual Cards: Effortlessly create and manage your virtual debit cards. Organize them under sub-accounts for better management and enjoy the flexibility of freezing, unfreezing, or deleting cards as needed.

Experience wamo’s Other Cutting-Edge Features

With wamo, enhance your agency's financial operations through:

  • Efficient Payment Management: Make and receive international payments easily at competitive rates and collect payments through simple links.
  • Seamless Bookkeeping Integration: Utilize our integration with Xero for hassle-free bookkeeping.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: Benefit from human-led customer service offering specialized solutions instantly.
  • Sub-Accounts for Budget Allocation: Simplify tracking team expenses and budget allocation with sub-accounts and unlimited virtual cards.
  • Multi-Currency Accounts: Manage international clients effortlessly with EUR and GBP IBANs for global operations.

Maximize Your Agency’s Growth Potential

After your free trial, select an annual plan to continue enjoying wamo's comprehensive features with a 20% discount, allowing you to reinvest savings into growing your business. Choose the Scale Plan to secure a 1% refund on your ad spend, further maximizing your campaigns' ROI.

Embrace the future of financial management with wamo and free your agency from the complexities of financial operations, enabling you to focus on what you do best: creating impactful digital marketing campaigns.


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