Revolutionize Your Payments: The Power of Bulk Payments with wamo

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When running a business, efficiency and simplicity are not just goals; they're necessities. That's why we're excited to introduce a game-changing solution that's already transforming the way companies handle their finances: Bulk Payments by wamo. This innovative feature is designed to streamline your payment processes, saving you time, reducing errors, and ultimately, enhancing your bottom line.

Discover wamo’s Bulk Payments

wamo is excited to introduce Bulk Payments, extending an invitation to all wamo customers to experience this innovative feature firsthand. Bulk Payments cater to a fundamental need within any business, proving particularly beneficial for processing payroll and payments to suppliers. This feature allows businesses to execute group transfers seamlessly, requiring only a list of recipients. Additionally, we've enhanced the functionality by enabling the selection of multiple contacts for payment in a single action—details of which we'll delve into shortly. First, let's explore how we've envisioned Bulk Payments to benefit our esteemed wamo customers.

All wamo Scale Plan subscribers now have access to the Bulk Payments feature as part of their service package. Notably, Scale Annual Plan subscribers will find that Bulk Payments enrich their existing benefits, including the 1% cashback for debit card spendings offer. A significant advantage of Bulk Payments is that it complements the allowance of 250 free local (SEPA or FAST) transfers provided to Scale Plan users each month. This enables the selection of multiple recipients and the execution of a large volume of transfers at no additional cost up to the 250-transfer limit. The offer is particularly valuable for businesses previously incurring expenses for group transfer capabilities. With the integration of wamo's Bulk Payments and the 250 free local transfers monthly, Scale Plan subscribers are set to enjoy unparalleled benefits of cost-efficient and streamlined payment processes.

In celebration of this launch and to encourage all wamo customers to explore this new feature, access to the Bulk Payments feature will be available to all wamo plan subscribers until the 1st of April. We invite you to test the Bulk Payments feature and assess its alignment with your business operations and preferences. Should you find its benefits compelling, we warmly welcome you to upgrade your account to the Scale Plan.

Why Bulk Payments?

Time and Cost Efficiency

The traditional method of processing transfers one by one is not just time-consuming; it's prone to errors and inefficiencies. With Bulk Payments, you can process multiple transfers in a single upload. Imagine the hours you'll save, not to mention the significant reduction in manual data entry errors. This efficiency doesn't just save time; it translates into direct cost savings, minimizing operational costs that can be better allocated elsewhere in your business.

Simplicity and Accessibility

We understand that not every business owner is a tech wizard. That's why we've designed the Bulk Payments interface to be incredibly user-friendly. Its simplicity ensures that even those with minimal technical expertise can easily upload and manage bulk transfers. This ease of use is a cornerstone of the Bulk Payments feature, embodying our commitment to making advanced financial tools accessible to all.

Join the Movement

Now, processing payroll takes just seconds, requiring only a list of salaries for bulk upload, simplifying the way you pay your employees. The system also offers a straightforward method for managing supplier payments with ease, allowing for bulk uploads. Scheduling recurring payments has become simpler, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors. Embrace a hassle-free payment process with wamo, where multiple transfers can be handled simultaneously through a single bulk upload, merging simplicity with cost efficiency. The Scale Plan further sweetens the deal with up to 250 free local transfers monthly, 1% cashback on card spending, and more, marking a new era of financial management.

Payroll Payments, relatable for all businesses

Payroll payments are a prime example of how streamlined processes can make an impact in the businesses. The traditional method of transferring salaries one-by-one can be time-consuming and prone to errors. The modern solution? Bulk payment systems. These innovative platforms revolutionize how businesses handle payroll by allowing for all salaries to be transferred simultaneously with just a list of transactions. This not only saves valuable time but also reduces the risk of mistakes, ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time, every time.

Pay All Your Suppliers with 1 Action

Similarly, the process of making supplier payments has been streamlined thanks to these bulk payment solutions. Gone are the days when businesses had to process each supplier payment individually, a task that could easily become overwhelming, especially for companies dealing with a large number of suppliers. Now, with the ability to pay all suppliers at once, businesses can enjoy unparalleled ease and efficiency. This method not only simplifies the accounts payable process but also strengthens supplier relationships by ensuring timely and accurate payments. In essence, the advent of bulk payment systems has transformed financial management, making it more efficient and reliable for businesses across the board.

How to use Bulk Payments?

1- Check if you have the recipients saved into your wamo account. If there are new contacts, or you wish to upload your file, make a list of all the transfers you wish to submit. 

2- Two different templates are available for EURO and GBP currencies. Remember, you cannot make EUR and GBP transfers at the same time. Please select either EUR or GBP

2A- EURO Transfer

Adapt your list to the following format and save it as a .CSV document.


2B - GBP Account

Adapt your list to the following format and save it as a .CSV document.


Here is the country code list:

Important Note: Digits should be made with “.” not “,” or “;”.
Example: 123.45 is OK, 123,45 or 123;45 are not OK.

3- Go to Bulk Feature on wamo app. 

4A- Upload your CSV, revise the list, and approve with 2 Factor Authentication to pay now or schedule it for a later date.

4B- If the recipient is already saved in your wamo account, tap on the plus icon in Bulk Payments to add as many recipients to your transfer list as you need. Approve to pay now or schedule it for a later date.

5- Add new recipients to your saved contacts. 

6- You can do the whole process by clicking on your saved contacts instead of the CSV list.

Elevate Your Business with Scale Plan

For those looking to maximize the benefits of Bulk Payments, the Scale Plan is an attractive option. By switching to the Scale Annual Plan, not only do you gain access to the Bulk Transfer feature, but you also earn 1% cashback on all card spending. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy additional savings and rewards simply by conducting your regular business transactions through wamo.

The Future is Here

In the world of business, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. With Bulk Payments by wamo, you're not just adopting a new feature; you're embracing a new standard of efficiency and simplicity. It's an opportunity to transform your payment processes, save significant time and resources, and align your operations with the future of financial management.

Don't let manual payment processes hold your business back. Join the growing number of leaders who are already enjoying the benefits of Bulk Payments. It's time to streamline your operations, reduce costs, and propel your business forward with wamo.

Experience the revolution. Welcome to the future of payments with Bulk Payments by wamo.


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