AI in business: how this game-changing tech could revolutionize your company

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.By Rhian Davies-Kenny
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As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, you’re always on the lookout for new tools and technologies to give your business a competitive edge. And one tool that has had business owners hooked from day one is AI. 

No doubt you’ve heard the AI hype by now. Whether it’s ChatGPT amazing everybody with its scarily human-like responses, or predictive algorithms reshaping entire industries, the best AI tools for business have already arrived.

But for lots of small business owners, AI can still feel like a far-off, sophisticated technology, without much practical application for their organization. Something that only big corporations with massive budgets and huge data science teams could properly utilize, right? 

Well, we’re here to say that it’s time to refresh that mindset! The truth of the matter is this: AI applications are accessible, affordable, and they’re here to stay. And finding the right way to leverage this groundbreaking tech could be a total gamechanger for your company’s growth.

From sales and marketing, to operations and finance, we’re going to dive into some uniquely valuable ways AI can supercharge your business growth. Let’s get started! 

The best AI tools for business marketing

Nimble, fast-moving SMEs need to flex their marketing approach as their business priorities shift. Adapting your marketing strategies based on real-time data is the best way to gain an edge over larger, slower competitors. And AI could be your secret weapon to getting that right.

For starters, machine learning algorithms like Salesforce Einstein and Crayon can slice and dice your sales data with readily-available consumer insights to predict product demand with unsettling accuracy. This foresight enables you to fine-tune production forecasting, inventory management and marketing spend for maximized ROI.

AI-powered tools like SurferSEO, Hootsuite Insights and Adext AI can unearth hidden patterns and trends in your target audience’s behavior, interests, content consumption and more. These in-depth insights will allow you to create hyper-personalized marketing campaigns with the kind of precision targeting that blows conventional tactics out of the water.

And, once your new knockout campaigns are live, AI tools like Mailchimp’s Smart Recommendations can dynamically optimize your spend across channels and automate create improvements for peak performance. Which is a dream for marketers trying their best to drive cost-effective user acquisition campaigns!

AI in business marketing: fine-tune your growth strategy

To take your marketing growth strategy even further, consider leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney and Wix ADI. ChatGPT can help you to generate compelling campaign copy, while Midjourney can create stunning visuals for you. Wix ADI, on the other hand, can design entire websites perfectly tailored to your business needs.

With these powerful AI tools at your disposal, you can refine your marketing strategies, create engaging content and optimize your online presence, all while saving time and resources.

Scale responsive, personalized customer support with AI for business

Customers these days have extremely high expectations around speedy, and personalized, support. If you’ve got customers waiting in interminable call queues, or getting passed around from agent to agent, you’re providing a low-end brand experience that could ultimately harm your business. 

That’s where conversational AI assistants like Drift, Intercom, Freshdesk and Zendesk come into play. By leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technology, AI chatbots can:

  • Instantly understand the context and intent behind a customer query
  • Provide helpful, personalized responses while maintaining a human-like dialogue
  • Seamlessly resolve common issues and questions 24/7 
  • Automate routine processes, like order update requests, without involving a human
  • Route complex matters to the appropriate human colleague when escalation is needed

The bottom line? You deliver responsive, tailored service at scale without bloated contact center costs, and your customers get a slick support experience. Which is a huge value add for any brand.

Conversational AI is getting smarter and more advanced every single day. Soon these kinds of assistants will be virtually undetectable in a live chat, making insanely efficient, personalized customer experiences easy and affordable. 

AI-optimized business operations to cut costs and grow profit

This bleeding-edge tech can also add efficiency to the behind-the-scenes ops of a business. From finances and accounting to supply chain, HR and beyond, AI-powered automation is driving the future of business.

For instance, intelligent process automation platforms, like Google Contact Center AI, Brandwatch and MonkeyLearn can accurately execute tedious repetitive workflows autonomously already. By carefully defining rules and conditions, your business could stop wasting precious resources on things like:

  • Data entry and transfers across platforms
  • Categorizing expenses and transaction reconciliation
  • Claims processing, business applications and accurate documentation
  • Calendar scheduling and routine admin
  • Order processing, inventory admin and drop-shipping management

By taking these time and labor-intensive activities off your team’s plate, you free them up to prioritize the kind of higher-level projects and bigger-picture initiatives that’ll actually move the needle. 

Sophisticated AI and deep learning will eventually drive optimization across countless other areas too. Dynamic pricing models, predictive maintenance for equipment, intelligent spend management, hyper-efficient hiring and top talent management will all be part of AI’s repertoire before long.

The possibilities are endless for how you might be able to leverage AI to simplify operations, reduce costs, mitigate risks and maximize profit margins. All while keeping your team lean and focused on revenue-generating priorities. 

It’s also worth mentioning AI detectors like Leap, which can help identify AI-generated content. As AI becomes more prevalent, it’s crucial to have tools that can distinguish between human and machine generated content, ensuring transparency and trust in your business comms. 

Embracing new innovations 

Taking on new tech can feel daunting at first. Which is why having a partner like wamo in your corner is handy. 

From virtual debit cards with AI reconciliation to eradicate expense headaches, to automated financial management and real-time accounting intel, our platform is the launchpad for your business’s AI transformation.

So get in touch with wamo today, and let’s explore how to start leveraging this cutting-edge tech to accelerate your growth and profitability. 

Exciting times lie ahead!