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Travel might be limited, but at least your money can go where it likes!

You’ve been asking for it and so we are super pleased to say, international convert and send is here! Ready for you to send your money wherever in the world you want it to go, from the safety of your phone.

This is what you no longer have to worry about when sending money overseas:

  • no trying calculate best exchange rates
  • no performing DIY conversions
  • no surprise hidden fees at both ends
  • no mysterious waiting times

Our fresh-out-the-box convert and send feature makes sending money abroad as easy as sending money next door. In our global, always-on lives, why should it be any different?

Ready to send your money on a journey far-far away – maybe you’d like to surprise a loved one or send monthly support home? Whether you’re using wamo’s individual or business account, we are excited to tell you that we’ve made it easy.

To get started go to your wamo the wamo app on your phone or desktop Choose convert and send, pick your currency, enter the recipients details… and away it goes.

Need an EU bank account? Malta is a good option
If you want to expand your business in Europe, opening business in Malta is a wise decision. Learn more about Eu bank accounts on wamo blog.

A bit about currencies

You are currently able to choose from 10 different currencies and we’ll be adding to this list regularly in the coming weeks and months.

The currencies available right now, converting from Euros, are:

🇬🇧 GBP  - British Pound

🇺🇸 USD – US Dollar

🇨🇭 CHF – Swiss Franc

🇨🇦 CAD – Canadian Dollar

🇳🇴 NOK – Norwegian Krone

🇦🇺 SEK – Swedish Krona

🇦🇺 AUD – Australian Dollar

🇳🇿 NZD – New Zealand Dollar

🇯🇵 JPY –  Japanese Yen

Don’t have a wamo business account yet? No problem, pop over to and get a a business account set up and running in minutes. Already got a wamo account? Well done you, you’re ready to go!

Our hope is that this convert and send feature makes financial services feel more like it should: easy, speedy and as globally connected as you are.


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