How to get an online virtual debit card using a fintech app

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Virtual debit cards are fast becoming a preference for businesses when it comes to managing expenses. They’re safe, instantly available and just as quickly deletable. If you’re not sure what a virtual debit card is - think of it as a regular debit card that lives on your phone. Virtual debit cards can be used for online purchases and they’re great for this given the added layer of security in a world where card fraud is sky- rocketing. They’re safer because the card number for a virtual debit card is shielded when you use it online.

Create your virtual debit card in 3 easy steps
Easily create a virtual debit card with wamo. Check out our page for more information on creating a virtual debit card online.

With some business account platforms and fintech apps, account holders are given the ability to issue multiple virtual debit cards. This can be useful for teams - with each team member taking responsibility for a card along with its respective budget - as well as for organising expense streams: for example issuing a virtual debit card per project or digital marketing spend per client. The bonus of a virtual debit card as opposed to a virtual credit card is that there is no chance of going over budget as a debit card only allows the card-holder to spend what’s been allocated. But how does a business owner go about getting hold of virtual debit cards? And which companies have the best virtual debit card apps? Those are the questions we’re answering in this article.

Where can I sign up for a virtual debit card for my business?

The best and only virtual debit and credit card providers are of course banks and alternatives. It can be thought that digital-first financial service providers are the best virtual debit card providers and are more likely to offer virtual debit cards alongside their regular card types.

An online business account is much more likely to give you access to an instant virtual debit card than a traditional account is - although this isn’t true in all cases. It’s important to do you homework and check with the bank or financial service provider that you’re hoping to open an account with whether they provide virtual online debit cards. Which brings us to the first thing you need in order to sign up for an instant virtual debit card online: a business account, or equivalent alternative service provider. Look for an option with the best app experience.

Depending on where you are in the world there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing an online business account that would provide you with an instant Visa debit card for business spending. Revolut and Monzo are online apps that offer virtual debit cards, and platforms like Pleo , Airwallex and  wamo all offer virtual (digital) cards to account holders too. Doing a quick search of best virtual debit cards for business will bring up a plethora of choices. The best thing to do is to check out the subscription fee for the business account itself, the cost, if any, of virtual cards and check the number of virtual debit cards you’d be able to issue.

What are virtual debit cards for business?
Visit wamo to learn about virtual cards for business and how you can grow your business by using them. Tracking business expenses made easy now!

wamo’s instant virtual debit cards

When you open a business account with wamo you will immediately be able to issue yourself and any members of your team virtual Visa debit cards directly from the wamo app. A wamo Visa business debit card can be used to spend online anywhere in the world with the peace of mind that the added layer of security that comes with virtual debit cards brings.

You will be able to issue virtual debit cards using your wamo app as and when you need them. For team members you can issue the debit card with their name and create a label to go with it so that you can keep track of things in real time. It’s completely up to you how you choose to name and label your debit cards, other examples are: by project, by client for ad marketing spend, by expense stream and by merchant or  supplier.

Comparing virtual debit cards Which one is the best?
Do you need a virtual debit card for your business? Compare virtual debit cards and choose the one that suits you best. Read the wamo blog for more.

However you label the business debit card and whoever ends up using it - every card can only be loaded by the main account holder from their wamo dashboard and only the amount available on the debit card can be spent. As the main account holder you are able to oversee all business debit cards and activity from your dashboard. You’re also able to freeze and unfreeze the debit cards as you wish as well as to delete them once they are no longer needed.

How to register to open an account with the wamo app

As we mentioned it will be necessary to open a business account with a bank or alternative banking app in order to get your hands on a virtual Visa debit card for business. Whether you are choosing an officially registered online bank (like Revolut or Monzo) or an alternative (like Airwallex or wamo), a digital-first company is recommended. There are generally fewer requirements and less paperwork and waiting time involved in opening a business account with an alternative rather than a traditional or officially registered bank; it’s just as secure to use  an alternative banking provider.

Opening a business account with wamo is fast and easy. With a photographic ID and a few personal and business details to hand, you will be able to register for a wamo business account in 10 minutes and your account can be up and running as soon as a few security checks have been carried out.

To register for a wamo business account all you need to do is go to our wamo homepage and tap on Get started. You can also visit the App Store or Google Play and search for wamo to download it onto your phone, and follow the instructions from there. It is possible to sign-up and use wamo on your desktop but we do recommend registering on your phone for the easiest, quickest experience with the wamo app.

Using virtual debit cards for business transactions helps to reduce the risk of fraud and overspending, simplify expense management, and improve cash flow management.

Once your wamo account has been approved you will immediately be able to issue virtual Visa debit cards from your wamo dashboard. Simply tap on the card icon at the bottom of the screen and follow the simple instructions.

We’re pretty sure that once you’ve used virtual debit cards you’ll never look back! So if you’re itching to get an instant virtual debit card online and don’t want to wait any longer - why not give wamo a go?


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