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Do you want to expand your company with the advantage of establishing a company in Italy and trading in Europe? Fantastic! After establishing your company in Italy, the first thing you need to do is open a business account. Then you can focus on growing your company quickly.

You can choose local branches to open a business account in Italy. However, in order to open an account in these institutions, a visit and a lot of paperwork are often required. If you want to open a business account in Italy without going to Italy, you need to take a look at the option of digital financial service providers. If you’d like to create a business account online in just 10 minutes, without the need for a visit, wamo is a great option.

Open a business account in Italy without going to Italy
Open business account in Italy, you don’t need to visit Italy. You can open business account without going to Italy. For more, check wamo blog

How to open business account in Italy online

If you want to open a business account in Italy without going to Italy, wamo can help. You can open a business account in just 10 minutes on the wamo website or using the wamo app - it’s recommended to register using the app even if you intend to use wamo on desktop as the app provides a better registration experience.

Open the wamo website or download the wamo app from the App Store or Google Play. Now you’ll be able to start completing the registration process.

Information you will be asked for:

  • Pick a passcode and enable face ID (Face ID is optional but much faster and more secure)
  • Type in a few personal details (name, address)
  • Select your business type, country, and industry
  • Enter your company name, address and registration number.
  • Next you'll add your director's name (or names) and details.
  • Add the company's Unique Beneficial Owners (UBO) details: name, residence, date of birth.
  • Lastly, choose your subscription package.

That's it! When your wamo account is approved, you will be notified via e-mail. Then you can turn your attention back to your company in Italy. Spend your energy on growing your business by easily managing all your finances through a single application.

Benefits of the wamo business account

The choice you make when opening a business account should be tailored to the specific needs of your business. The good news is that wamo is just as reliable, secure and feature-rich as traditional business account options. At the same time, wamo has been designed by focusing entirely on the needs of wamo business account users. So, it supports you to easily manage all your company's finances from a single application.

With wamo, opening a business account in Italy is quick and easy, taking just 10 minutes to complete the process.

The main advantages of using a  wamo business account:

  • You can open an account quickly and easily
  • You can manage multiple currencies
  • Virtual debit and credit cards are available
  • The process is much simpler and smoother
  • There are no minimum balance requirements
  • You get a dedicated account manager to help you with your account
  • You get free transfers within the EU
  • You get access to a range of business tools and services required to manage finances

The wamo customer service team love their work! If you’d like to chat about what wamo can do for your business in Italy - give them a call.


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