Open a business account online for your business in Malta

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The world of online business is a fast-growing one. The internet has given small businesses and startups new opportunities to grow their customer base and reach new markets.

How to open a business account in Malta as a small business
You can find detailed information about business account and business bank account options for a small business in Malta on our wamo blog.

Reasons to open a business account in Malta

You might be wondering what kind of business you can open an account for. Well, there are many different types! Malta does not have a minimum deposit requirement for a business account, so even if you only have €10 to invest in your new financial future, you can still open up an account and get started. What's more, you don't need to be a Maltese resident to open a business account there. People from all over Europe can take advantage of the island's low taxes and ease of doing business by setting up their own companies on the island - whether it's just them or if they're working with other people as well.

EUR and GBP business accounts for your business in Malta
If you need a business account with eur and gbp iban to expand your business in Malta, you can find detailed information on the wamo blog.

How can you open business account in Malta?

The first step is to decide where you want to start. This is a rather simple and straight-forward but also important question that many business owners fail to ask themselves. What type of business are you? Do you want a local or international business account? How much money do you have available for investment? These questions should be answered before opening your new business account in Malta. The second step is deciding how to open your business account.. There are two ways to get an account for businesses: Traditional institutions and digital ones. You can open a business account with traditional options which can be time-consuming. A digital financial service provider or neobank is generally a faster, easier solution.

How to Open a Bank Account in Malta
If you’re starting your own business in Malta, you need a business bank account in Malta. Discover wamo business account now.

Open your business account online?

When we say “business account”, we don’t mean just any old account. We mean accounts for businesses. wamo is one of the smart solutions. With wamo, you can open a business account online in just 10 minutes.

Moreover, with this account specially designed for businesses, you can keep all your finances under control. You can create sub accounts, virtual and physical debit cards and track all your finances in one place. You don’t need to be a Maltese resident and you don’t need to go to Malta to open a business account in there. All you need is your phone or computer and internet connection. Discover wamo and open your business account in 10 minutes.


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