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Malta is a small country with a lot of potential. It's the best place to start a business, and it's one of the top destinations for U.S. citizens looking to relocate. Malta has been steadily building its reputation as an established player in Europe, and it's attracting more international investment than ever before. While there are plenty of reasons why this tiny island nation has become such an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and investors, it also offers some unique opportunities for people who want to start their own businesses here—and who doesn't these days?

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Advantages of setting up a business in Malta

Here are a few reasons why Malta may be a great place to start your business:

  • The business environment in Malta is excellent. It has been rated as one of the best business environments in Europe and has also earned high scores from international organizations such as the World Bank and Transparency International. This means that you can expect to receive assistance when setting up your company, along with tax breaks, grants, and other incentives throughout its lifetime.
  • A low tax rate makes it easy for businesses to thrive here without having to worry about their profitability going down due to high taxes or fees. In fact, Malta has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe at 35 percent; only Switzerland (22 percent), Bulgaria (20 percent), Ireland (12%), and Cyprus (10%) have lower corporate tax rates than Malta does! That’s not all though – there are also no personal income taxes on internationally earned income which makes it even more attractive for investors looking for new opportunities abroad!

Business Ideas in Malta

Malta's tourism industry has been growing consistently, making it a lucrative opportunity for businesses in the hospitality sector; the gaming industry is well-established with Malta being a leading European gaming hub; the financial services sector is supported by Malta's favorable tax regime and EU membership; and e-commerce is experiencing rapid growth due to the country's strategic location and developed infrastructure.

Start an online gaming business in Malta

Malta is a great place to start an online gaming business. The island nation has a long history of being a hub for the gaming industry, and it’s easy to see why:

  • Malta offers a highly-respected gaming regulatory environment. Its regulators are known for their integrity and expertise, which makes it easier for new casinos to get licensed and gain trust from gamers all around the world.
  • There’s also plenty of support for startups in Malta. The government provides financial aid through various programs, including grants available for small businesses that want to expand into the gaming industry.
  • You can expect fast internet speeds where you do your work—Malta has some of Europe’s best digital infrastructure, making it easier than ever before to access high-quality websites without lagging or buffering issues affecting your experience as a player or customer service representative.

Become a travel agent or tour operator in Malta

Malta is a great place for tourism. In this section, you'll find out what Malta has to offer tourists and why it's one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

  • Historical sites: Malta has many historical sites that date back thousands of years. These sites include temples, fortresses, catacombs and more. They're also full of amazing architecture like temples with ornate carvings or centuries-old buildings with beautiful designs carved into them by hand.
  • Natural attractions: If you love nature then Malta may be the place for you! It has plenty of natural attractions including lagoons with crystal clear water where you can go swimming or snorkeling if you want to get up close and personal with marine life without going too far from shore; caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites; beautiful beaches filled with white sand where visitors can relax in style; forests full of trees that tower over everything else around.

Become an affiliate marketer in Malta

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online. You can make money by promoting the products and services of others, or you can promote your own products. It's also an excellent way to build your own brand as an affiliate marketer. Malta is a good place to work with all European companies. You can reach many European companies to work with from Malta.

Become a digital nomad in Malta

Malta is a great place to be a digital nomad because:

  • There are plenty of coworking spaces and co-living options.
  • The island is easily accessible by plane, ferry or boat from Italy, Greece and Spain.
  • The cost of living is low compared to other European countries. What are some advantages of being a digital nomad? Well, you can work from anywhere in the world at any time thanks to easy access to the internet and remote working tools like Slack, Trello and Zoom chat. As long as there's WiFi nearby then you'll be able to get some work done whenever/wherever suits you. With flexible and remote working becoming the norm especially since the pandemic, working from wherever you choose to be in the world is now more accessible to do successfully than ever.
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Malta is one of the best places to start a business.

Malta is one of the best places to start a business. Here are just some reasons why:

  • Malta is an offshore jurisdiction with low taxes and a stable and secure environment. This means you can keep more of your money, while enjoying peace of mind knowing that your business will be protected by law.
  • A thriving economy makes Malta an attractive location for tourists who want to relax on the beach, enjoy some great food, or explore historical sites like Mdina or Valletta.
  • Malta's rich history also makes for an interesting experience for investors looking for opportunities in real estate development, eco-tourism projects, and other areas where unique cultural resources can be leveraged into economic growth opportunities.

Starting and running a business in Malta has a great appeal for a lot of people. Whatever type of business you decide is right for your entrepreneurial spirit, you’ll need a business account to go with it. While its possible to open a business account through a traditional financial institution in Malta, the process can be complicated and time consuming. To get a business account up and running quickly and without any paperwork pain, why not try wamo. Your wamo business account can be ready in minutes and all you need to register is your ID and a few personal and business details.


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