Introducing our shapely new brand: we’re here and we’re not square!

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.By Laine Redpath
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When your brand changes - whatever the size and type of your business – it’s both incredibly exciting and a little bit scary. Because it takes so much work, so many conversations, so much thought and planning to get it done… and yet the reception is outside of your control. That age-old, endearing human concern: will they like it? Will you like it?

Well, for the record, we love it. Our own designers, Alex, Soni and Cem have done such a thoughtful, creative job. And the rebrand happened alongside an exciting development for us as we shift to a new service provider - one that enables us to bring even more of our vision to even more of you (more on that in another post!).

But, back to the rebrand. We want to let you in on what it represents about who we are as a company and what we aim to achieve for business owners just like you, wherever you are and whatever the size of your business.

Know the expression, to throw shapes?

“To dance, especially in a way that attracts attention

With our new branding, we’re inviting you to throw some shapes with us.

A collage of images of people holding boxes

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We wanted to create a wamo world that you can step into as a business owner. One that reflects our values of partnership and possibility, with real human beings at the centre, always. We started out as a small business and so we know, first hand, the challenges and thrills that go along with starting, growing and just keeping going when things get tough. We’ve made easier and more transparent every aspect of our service that we could. We want anyone with a business idea to feel like it’s totally possible to get started easily. First thing: do something!

What is this wamo world of shapes?

Shapes make us feel things... and specific shapes have us feeling specific emotions.

A circle world

We know that it’s important that you feel supported, cared about and understood by your financial service provider. We’re committed to keeping you and your needs at the centre. How do we do this in reality? We’ve built a wamo Connect community around services and tools that will help you build and grow. And we are 100% committed to providing friendly, effective customer service and support whenever you need it. We’ll never automate our support or send you a no-reply email. You’ll always be able to get hold of a human, someone who cares not just about your business but also your vision for where you want your business to go. We’re always  adding to the wamo blog with articles on absolutely everything to do with running a business to understand the marketing jargon as well as to how to use a virtual debit card. we'll keep you informed and support all the way.

A curve world

We’re motivated by the hopes and dreams you have for your business. Your journey excites us! Curves are dynamic and natural, they invite us to keep going. We’re here to provide solutions, not to get in your way, to help you get to where you want to go, over all those curvy hills and speed bumps and into your bright future! How do we do this in reality? We’ve created plans that are adapted to what we know about the needs business owners have at different stages of the journey. We remain completely transparent with all fees and charges and are committed to fair charges at all times. We’ve also smoothed the way for those of you who choose to take the leap into expanding your business into the Europe with multi-currency accounts that make it easy to take EUR and GBP currencies. We’ve introduced Pay Later which allows you to make purchases for things you need now - but gives you a  month’s breather, before you repay in two monthly installments.

A line world

Starting and running a business is a huge undertaking and lines keep things ordered and simple. By streamlining and simplifying wherever we can, we’re able to give you exactly what you need, when you need it. Do you need 150 currencies? Probably not. Do you need to be able to get paid in a way that isn’t a hassle either for you or the person paying you? Absolutely. We’ll keep you on track.

All of this has taken a huge amount of behind-the-scenes work (a big shout out to our engineering team!). In order to make sure that we could provide the best care for our current customers, it also meant pausing taking on new businesses for the past few months, so we want to thank the brilliant sales and support teams for taking care of customer service with the wonderful  support team during this time too. We appreciate your patience as we’ve got everything ready. For the many of you who have joined the waiting list and have shown so much enthusiasm for getting hold of a wamo business account, you’ll be pleased to know that your wait will very soon be over!

So that’s us, the same but shapelier. To see your new wamo branding in all its glory, take a look at the website. Drop us a line (get it?) at if you have any questions. We’ll give you a ring (😬) once you start your registration process to see how we can help and we’ll keep you ahead of the curve 🙄 once you’re with us. That’s our commitment to you: business owner, daydream believer, fellow human. We’re really looking forward to learning all about you and your business ambitions, come join wamo - let’s get dancing!


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