Top restaurant digital trends to follow in 2022

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By Laine Redpath

The restaurant industry is dynamic, always in flux, and is set to change even more in the next few years. The industry goes through numerous challenges and changes every day, which sometimes can be difficult to keep up with!

The pandemic has further forced the industry to change and adapt in order to survive.

For example

Before 2020, contactless menus were rarely found in restaurants. However, today every customer feels comfortable ordering from contactless menus that can be accessed via QR code. This is because QR codes are easy and more convenient to use.

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Digital improvements like these have encouraged restaurant owners to make revolutionary moves in 2022 as well. They are now looking to adopt new technologies and trends to future-proof their restaurants and make them more efficient.

Let's take a look at some of the technologies and trends that are set to change the restaurant industry over the next few years.

## Marketing automation to retain customers

Did you know that it costs 5 times more to attract new customers than it takes to retain the existing ones? Customer satisfaction and retention are two of the most important yet challenging goals for any business. In the restaurant industry, customer churn can be a big problem. Marketing automation is a great way to keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

There are several different marketing automation tools that you can use in your restaurant. Some of the most popular ones include email marketing, social media marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM) software. With marketing automation, you can send automatic follow-up emails after someone dines at your restaurant or send them a discount to use on their next visit.

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)

With this technology, you don't have to worry about losing any important order details or rushing back and forth to grab a pen and paper. A KDS is a digital screen that is set in the kitchen and displays all of the orders that are placed by your customers. This way, the kitchen staff can see exactly what needs to be made and when.

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KDS systems can be very helpful in ensuring that orders are made correctly and promptly. They can also help to cut down on food waste, as the kitchen staff will know exactly how much of each dish needs to be made.

This process is a great way to improve communication between the kitchen and the dining area. With this approach, chefs can see what dishes are being ordered and can prepare them accordingly.

You can also track delivery time, monitor inventory signals and get real-time reports on your KDS. This technological system ensures better communication, thus reducing errors, and in turn, customer complaints.

QR codes

QR codes are going global and are being used in multiple industries. QR codes are being leveraged to make it easier to take payments, to provide information about establishments and, most relevant to hospitality establishments, to create contactless menus.

In a time of chronic understaffing and issues around physical contact, customers can simply scan a QR code at the table to view the menu and order from their phones. These codes can contain various types of information like menu, delivery terms, restaurant history or personal loyalty card data - it’s a highly customisable type of technology! Another great benefit to using QR is that customers don’t need to download an app to view, order and (in wamo’s case) even pay for their meal. In our convenience-based culture, these auto-scanning barcodes are perfect requiring just a smartphone camera which enables customers to quickly access a menu without having to wait to be served. While this solution played an essential role in 2021 as a result of pandemic restrictions, it remains one of the top convenience options for customers in 2022.

Automation is here to stay.

One of the most popular changes that we have seen is the adoption of automation. Automation is the use of machines to perform tasks traditionally done by humans. This could include things like using machines to take orders or manage operations.

It has been slowly making its way into the restaurant industry for a few years now, but it is set to become even more popular in the coming years. Things like robot chefs or automated serving machines are no longer a thing of the future, they are a reality.

However, simple automation tools like inventory and ordering software are a great way to start automating your restaurant without making any big changes. This can make your restaurant more efficient without breaking the bank. Restaurants that don't adopt automation will find themselves at a disadvantage, as their competitors will be able to operate more efficiently.

Contactless Payments

Contactless payments are now becoming more popular. With contactless payments, customers can pay their bills through their smartphone or smartwatch without having to physically hand over their credit card. It's expected that contactless payments could rise from $2 trillion to $6 trillion worldwide by 2024. With no cash in hand, no credit card swipes or long waiting times, contactless payments are quick, efficient and convenient. If you don't want to get left behind in the coming years, it's time to invest in this payment strategy. With wamo, customers can simply scan your unique QR code to initiate a payment or pay from within the wamo contactless menu environment. Bye-bye cashing up and human error, hello getting home sooner!

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Technologies present unique solutions for restaurants to differentiate themselves. These solutions don’t only make things more convenient for customers but also help the restaurant run more efficiently. As we move into a new era of dining, it's important for restaurants to embrace digital trends in order to stay relevant and top-of-mind for customers. By investing in these technologies, you won’t only save huge costs but can also help your restaurant outgrow the hardest challenges and changes in the industry. wamo offers effortless ways to automate your restaurant. It offers an end-to-end solution that makes it easy for you to set up and manage everything at once i.e your menus, orders and payments through a direct QR code. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also frees up your waitstaff to focus on the relationship building side of things which is so crucial in creating an establishment that is loved and recommended by its community.

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