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.By Laine Redpath
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This month wamo became an e-Residency marketplace member. Which is excellent news for us and if you’re an entrepreneurial individual or a small business with big dreams… e-Residency is based in Estonia making it the first ever country to offer government-issued digital identities (e-residencies) and status making it possible to access Estonia’s e-services and transparent business landscape.

What’s the benefit of e-Residency?

“When you join Estonia’s digital nation, you can start a company 100% online, run your EU business remotely and eliminate paper and bureaucracy…”

e-Residency is open to anyone, anywhere in the world who is location-independent and wants to set up and run an EU company. It’s for business owners who want to run a fully digital company in the EU, for entrepreneurs who want access to the EU market, capital and payment solutions, to freelance consultants who want to automate or delegate their invoicing process and to digital nomads who want freedom from needing a fixed location.

Estonia has a flat tax rate of 20% on corporate profits, which is one of the lowest in Europe. There is also no tax on reinvested profits, which can help you grow your business faster.

It’s a big marketplace

Since it started in 2014 e-Residency has grown quickly - there are 83,074 e-residents and 17,449 companies founded by e-residents. The founders have a bold vision and it has proven to have a big appeal “E-Residency has an ambitious mission to facilitate and advance the provision of Estonia’s unique digital services in order to empower entrepreneurs and transform business practices globally. The programme is a government-wide initiative led by the e-Residency team, the Police and Border Guard Board, and a number of government ministries that are dedicated to constantly improving Estonia's digital infrastructure and business environment.”

Pros and Cons of E-residency in Estonia
For detailed information about e-residency in Estonia and to benefit from the advantages of opening a business with e-residency, check the wamo blog.

wamo in the marketplace, to support you

It’s exciting then to be able to offer smart business financial services to the many businesses, freelancers, and other entrepreneurs within the e-Residency marketplace. wamo’s all-in-one financial management platform makes it easier, simpler and faster to stay on top of running a digital business … here’s a little reminder of the services wamo provides:

  • Business finances and payments
  • International payments
  • SEPA payments
  • IBAN provided
  • BIC/Swift
  • Payment gateway
  • Debit/credit/pre-paid card
  • Debit cards
  • Virtual debit cards
  • Multi-currency wallet

For further details and information, pop on over to wamo’s e-Residency page. And to learn more about e-Residency in general, go here.

Please note that an e-Residency digital ID card provides access to e-services, but it is not a valid form of physical identification and can’t be used as a travel document. e-Residency does not confer citizenship, tax residency, physical residency or right of entry to Estonia or the European Union.

See you ‘in Estonia’!


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