A useful glossary of terms for company owners

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Whether thinking about setting up a business, or if you’re already running one, there are many terms and acronyms to know, understand and try to remember. In previous blog posts we’ve looked at different banking terms like SWIFT codes, BIC codes, sort codes and IBANs. When dealing with tax there are also a lot of terms and phrases to keep in mind. This blog post is here to work as a quick reference or glossary of essential terms and their definitions to help you navigate the world of business terminology.

Finance business terms

Gain financial fluency with our comprehensive glossary of business terms. From accounting to investments, explore and understand the language of finance for informed decision-making.

Systems & technology business terms

Stay ahead in the tech-driven world with our extensive glossary of systems and technology terms. Demystify complex jargon and unlock the power of technology for business success.

Sales & marketing business terms

Drive your business growth with our comprehensive glossary of sales and marketing terms. From lead generation to conversion, empower yourself with the language of sales and marketing

Business banking terms

Navigate the world of business banking with ease through our comprehensive glossary. From loans to transactions, understand the key banking terms essential for managing your business finances.


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